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Timaru District by Numbers

View our new report that gives a measure of how Timaru District compares nationally by the numbers.

December Report

September Report

Career pathway brochures for industry sectors in Timaru District

Venture Timaru has produced a collection of new collaborative brochures for four key industry sectors of Timaru District that highlight career pathways in these sectors.

The brochures have gathered information from our four Business Connection Groups, with the businesses working together to show the potential of their industry sectors for school students and their families/caregivers. We want to help highlight the potential of career pathways in Timaru District and by doing so, support our local industries and help them grow.

The brochures have been used at employment expos and to complement career pathways talks for secondary school students.  They are now available as resources within schools.

The brochures can be viewed below.  Printed copies are also available from our office.

Trades Sector Career Pathways

Food Processing & Manufacturing Career Pathways

Transport & Logistics Career Pathways

Hospitality & Tourism Career Pathways

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Showcasing Timaru District

This brochure gives an overview of Timaru District, both for business opportunities and for those who may be considering moving here for a new job.

View or download the brochure Showcasing Timaru District

Multilingual Welcome Flyer

This flyer includes testimonials in multiple languages from people living and working in Timaru, who are from a range of cultural backgrounds. Businesses are welcome to download the flyer and use this as supporting material for recruitment purposes.

View or download the flyer Multilingual Welcome Flyer

International Education: The Timaru District

International students bring a valued dimension of cultural and global connectiveness to the community.

View or download the brochure International Education

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