Why choose Timaru for business?

Sean Goodwin, Chief Executive, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

Murray Turley, Chairman, Farmers Mill, Timaru

“Farmers Mill have chosen Timaru, South Canterbury to build our state-of-the art flour mill. The district is central to the arable land which produces the wheat we use to mill 100% NZ Flour. We find the district has a strong economic profile and the services and people we require to build a world class business.”

Kirsten Wilson, Owner - Outlandish Landscapes

Business owner Kirsten Wilson and daughter Evelyn at the Caroline Bay playground.

"The clouds are fluffier here. Seriously. People say that the weather goes around Timaru - it either goes inland or out to sea and we often miss the worst of what’s forecast from the South. But when there are clouds, they’re so poofy they look like cartoons and they always make me smile.

I started working for myself and then we relocated to Timaru when my husband had the opportunity to transfer his role. It was a no-brainer decision. There was little competition for Landscape Architect’s in Timaru. We bought our first home here - a classic mid-century modern home for less than $300K. The kiwi quarter acre dream is alive and well in Timaru and so too is modern living in the CBD.

We’re close enough to the CBD that I can walk there in 20min - get errands done and still have half a day left to do other things. The first few times I went anywhere, I turned up 25min early! That’s how easy it is to get places here. It still blows my mind.

As a Landscape Architect I get really excited about outdoor places; wilderness reserves, native bush walks, public gardens and playgrounds. Timaru has all of them but the best kept secret is Centennial Park which the locals call The Scenic Reserve."

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