Bringing people to South Canterbury for employment and lifestyle

The level of different businesses "bubbling away" in South Canterbury and its entrepreneurial atmosphere is a drawcard to employing people from out of town, a recruitment agency manager says.

Jo Anderson, of Personnel Placements, said an Aoraki Development-led video called Our Story launched last year has been a huge key in bringing people to South Canterbury for jobs and dispelled the notion that the region was "just the same as anywhere else".

The short video, produced to attract new residents to South Canterbury to help the district grow, focuses on three individuals sharing their stories about why they have moved here, and is aimed at encouraging others to relocate to the area.

"The video shows a very clear view of what Timaru is and showcases it and dispels the notion it's just another place," said Anderson. She said the lifestyle in the region, as well as employment, is a positive for people coming here.

"You're not swapping a quality of life. The quality of life is the same, if not better. The level of business that is bubbling away here is just amazing - and the entrepreneurs here. It's great."

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