Aoraki Development/NZ Oil & Gas Memorandum of Understanding

Aoraki Development has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with New Zealand Oil and Gas formalising Aoraki Development as the lead local agency initially representing key local stakeholders.

In this role Aoraki Development will act as the conduit for the reciprocal flow of timely and appropriate information, initially between Aoraki Development, Primeport, Timaru District Council and the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and NZOG as the Barque Prospect opportunity is progressed. This MOU is not intended to, nor will it, preclude NZOG engaging with the wider South Canterbury community as they see appropriate.

Aoraki Development has also joined the Southern Community Panel as a South Canterbury representative. This Panel provides a voice for the southern community to give feedback to New Zealand Oil & Gas about its activities in our region.

It is important to note that this Memorandum of Understanding does not constitute an agreement to, or approval by, Aoraki Development for petroleum exploration and/or production activities within the Timaru District and/or the wider South Island.